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iPhone vs. Windows Mobile (a video comparison)

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) found a nice video comparing the iPhone’s features to a Windows Mobile smartphone (an XDA Orbit). The lowdown: Windows Mobile already does everything the iPhone can do BUT the iPhone does it better because of Apple’s emphasis on usability. Of course, your opinion may differ and only a hands-on test will confirm how usable the iPhone is but this video is pretty compelling.

Too lazy to click through? Here’s the video:


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4 Responses

  1. ggwfung says:

    but it’s not an apple!



  2. koolio says:

    lol…how true! 😉

  3. Darkling says:

    Well iPhone wins but not that easy as in mp3-player market. First we have to state that this is ‘device’ against ‘device’ comparison, not OS against OS. As we all know, Apple are manufacturing complete products while Microsoft is publishing software only. So we cannot be completely objective here because Microsoft licencing manufacturers are implementing Windows Mobile on their hardware designs (yes, on Microsoft suggestions, but however it is NOT Microsoft branded hardware). Apple iPhone is whole product. That means both, hardware and software. What iPhone shows here is easy of use against O2 xda, not OS vs OS. For now 🙂

  4. koolio says:

    Darkling – I agree that the iPhone will have a more difficult time dominating the smartphone market than it did with the MP3 market but I still think this video is a fair comparison of the iPhone vs. a Windows Mobile-powered smartphone/PocketPC. Here’s why: this video shows the usability between the two operating systems – it appears that the iPhone is a lot easier to use compared to a Windows Mobile PocketPC (I say “appears” because we won’t really know how usable the iPhone is until it’s released). After all, like you stated, all of the hardware manufacturers are essentially building off of Microsoft’s specs so if Microsoft wanted to support a touch screen they could’ve made it happen. The hardware manufacturers are given the hardware design specs from Microsoft and, from there, they evolve the hardware where they can – by changing the form factor (e.g., T-Mobile Dash, Samsung BlackJack, HTC MDA, etc.) – but still within the limitations of the Windows Mobile OS. My point being, if Microsoft had the vision to create an iPhone-like device, they could have. The hardware manufacturers are limited in their designs due to how Windows Mobile is designed.

    Regardless of the details, I do agree that Apple has an inherent advantage because they control/create both the hardware and software. When you control both, you tend to think more holistically (hardware and software) vs. software-only. 🙂

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