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Amazon Unbox integrates with Tivo

If you own a Tivo Series 2 or Series 3 DVR, you can now buy/rent digital videos from Amazon Unbox and watch them on your Tivo. I guess that’s a nice option to have if you own a Tivo but I’m curious to see if this partnership will actually increase sales for Amazon. You may or may not know but Amazon Unbox has been generating lackluster results and working with Tivo is one way for Amazon to try and spice things up a bit. Personally, I don’t think this will improve sales all that much for Amazon Unbox.

I’ve had zero interest in this service because I have no desire to watch a movie or TV show at my computer desk. At least, Amazon understands this issue and has created a solution for you to watch those shows in your living room…but it won’t make a dent in Apple’s momentum. iTunes is where it’s at for digital content and I don’t see anything taking its place in the near future.

Now, all that being said, there is one nice thing I noticed about Amazon Unbox: when you buy a show/movie, you get to download it in 3 different qualities. For example, here are the options for an episode of ’24’:


I hope iTunes offers something similar…like an HD version and a DVD-quality version.

Here’s to another ecosystem for digital shows. We now have: iTunes, Netflix Watch Now, Xbox 360 Video Marketplace, and WalMart. Am I missing any?? *sigh*


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  1. […] and felt the picture (The Illusionist) wasn’t very sharp. They didn’t say which version they downloaded but I’m assuming it was the “Tivo Best Quality […]

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