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Charges against Patricia Dunn dropped??!!

Remember Patricia Dunn – the former ex-chair of Hewlett Packard’s Board of Directors? The one who hired a private detective to illegally spy on HP’s board members? Well, a California judge dropped the wire fraud charges against Dunn citing her battle with ovarian cancer. Are you f’ing kidding me?!! She clearly did something illegal (albeit, a misdemeanor) and they’re letting her off the hook simply because she has cancer. Cancer had nothing to do with her decision to spy on her entire board.

Don’t forget, about a week after this story was made public, Patricia Dunn was honored as one of the top women in business (I think it was some Silicon Valley organization that gave her the award). So, she does something illegal and is essentially caught but she’s still given an award AND not penalized by our legal system….and we wonder why the ethics and morals in this country are all screwed up.

Sorry, for the rant…I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest. Now, back to our regularly scheduled tech-related posts.


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