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Apple TV to get DVR features via Miglia?

Eddie Hargreaves (The Apple Blog) witnessed something interesting at MacWorld:

While I was at Miglia’s booth checking out their products and talking to their representatives, I saw a Miglia executive approached by a lady who identified herself as being with Apple. She said she was there to introduce him to someone else at Apple who was her European counterpart. Sure enough, another gentleman made his way through the exhibit hall crowd and they all left the booth to go have a meeting together.

This encounter, along with the removal of all Miglia products from the online Apple store, is what leads Eddie Hargreaves to infer that Apple may be working with Miglia (pronounced “Mee-Lee-Ah”) to bring HD DVR capabilities to the Apple TV. This could just be a wild guess by The Apple Blog but I’m confident that Apple will add DVR capabilties to the Apple TV sometime within the next year. More specifically, I believe Apple will add HD content to iTunes by June/July 2007 then add DVR to the Apple TV sometime within the next year.

Apple wants their products to be the hub of your digital life and the Apple TV with DVR capabilities is a big part of that vision.


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