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Upgrading to NewsBreak 2.0? Backup your RSS channels

I just upgraded to NewsBreak 2.0 and everything went smoothly. However, backup your list of RSS channels before upgrading. Even though Ilium Software calls it an “upgrade,” it’s more like a reinstall because none of my settings were preserved and, at first, all of my RSS channels were gone. Here’s how I got them back:

  1. After the “upgrade,” I went to Menu –> Options –> Data Storage
  2. I checked the “store data & podcasts on card” checkbox
  3. Upon doing so, NewsBreak displayed a message stating there is already a list of channels on the storage card and asked if I wanted to overwrite those channels – I chose “no.”
  4. Then, all of my channels were back

Apparently, NewsBreak just needed to be pointed to the location of my RSS channels. Thankfully, it didn’t automatically overwrite the data on my storage card during the installation. Now, I’m not sure if NewsBreak would overwrite your channels if you had them stored on your device so backup your channels *before* you upgrade to v2.0. I received confirmation from Ilium Software that the reinstall will not overwrite your channels that are stored on the devic. But, I would still recommend backing up your channel list – just in case if the upgrade/reinstall fails.

So, when upgrading to NewsBreak 2.0, you need to do two things: backup your channel list and, after upgrading, reconfigure all of your settings under Menu –> Options.

The page where you download the 2.0 installation file contains instructions on how to install the upgrade but it doesn’t tell you how to get your RSS channels back. I’ve emailed this feedback to Ilium Software so, hopefully, they’ll add some verbiage to this page.

Update (3/19/2007) Post has been updated since Marc, from Ilium Software, has confirmed that the reinstall will not overwrite any RSS channels that are stored on your device. Thanks, Marc!


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2 Responses

  1. It’s true that when you reinstall it forgets where you last pointed it to store your channel data. Sorry about that. We’re still looking at a way to handle that better in the future. Nothing gets lost though. If you chose to keep channels somewhere other than the place you installed it though you do need to remind it to look in the right place.

    As for overinstalling, it won’t delete existing channel data. Everything remains intact.

    And we’re looking at the upgrade page now. There me be a way we can add some info about this without cluttering things (the more you add, the less people read!)

    Marc Tassin
    Ilium Software

  2. koolio says:

    Marc, thanks for confirming that a reinstall doesn’t overwrite any RSS channels that are stored on the device. Julie was also kind enough to respond to my email. I’ve updated my post with this info.

    I understand what you mean about too much content on a page but it adding a disclaimer about how the channels are handled would help users have a better experience when upgrading. For example, my first thought after the upgrade was, “What the…it deleted ALL of my RSS channels?! Do they know how long it will take me to re-add them?!”

    This being said, it’s great that you and Julie are proactive in communicating directly with your customers – that says a lot about a company. 🙂

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