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What’s next for Twitter?

Along with all of the Twitter-hype there have been a lot of people wondering where it will go from here. Among the many posts, here are some I suggest reading: Matt Balez’s RIP Twitter (2007 – 2007), Dave Winer’s The Future of Twitter?, Jeff Ventura’s Where does Twitter go from here? Live, die or evolve?, and the Wall Street Journal’s Friends Swat Twitters and Frustration.

All of these web 2.0/social websites are a natural extension of our basic human tendency (or need) to communicate but there’s a limit before others start to feel like you’re over communicating. This is already happening where some Twitterers are telling their friends to stop posting about what they ate for lunch, dinner, etc. Speaking of, this picture, from Peter Cashmore, does a great job illustrating this point from the perspective of catblogging:


Personally, with Twitter’s current features (and performance issues) I think the Twitter hype will slowly end unless if it evolves into something more useful. That being said, there are some creative uses for Twitter other than posting about yourself. One example is using Twitter as the delivery mechanism for home automation. Another, is using it in the newsroom. So, perhaps, Twitter 1.0 will be a fad but v2.0 will provide more of a value proposition(?).


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