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Brits get a free 46-inch HDTV with the purchase of a PS3

Sony gave a free 46-inch HDTV (I’m assuming a LCD HDTV) to the first 100 people who purchased a PS3 on launch day. The PS3 has had a lot of negative press since it’s launch and it isn’t selling as well as the Xbox 360 and the Wii in the States…this seems like a big indication that Sony is unhappy with sales of the PS3. After all, if the PS3 was selling well, they wouldn’t be giving away HDTVs, on launch night, that will cost them an estimated £250,000.

[via Kotaku and BBC News]


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3 Responses

  1. […] If you are like me, you missed the great HDTV giveaway that occurred recently. When Sony launched PS3, it gave away a free 46-inch HDTV to the first 100 Brits that purchased the n… […]

  2. The lucky so and so’s. I would have queued all night for that.

  3. koolio says:

    Tell me about it…it’d be damn sweet to get an HDTV for free.

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