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Death threats against bloggers

I just read something that has really bummed me out: a blogger and author named Kathy Sierra started receiving death threats 4 weeks ago. Trolls and negative comments and/or emails are one thing but death threats are another. To top it off, the person(s) even posted a photoshopped picture of her with a noose next to her head…yeah, I agree with Kathy, that crosses a line.

After reading her post, it, unfortunately, shows how many assholes (for lack of a better word) are out there. It also shows how some people feel like they can say/write anything since they feel anonymous when posting comments, discussion forum posts, etc. because they can hide behind a handle/nickname. This shows how ugly mankind can really be and I hope this type of activity doesn’t flourish in the blogosphere.

I can only wish Kathy the best and that some form of justice will be given to the person(s) behind the death threats.


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