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Got my Joost beta invite

Well, I finally got my beta invite to Joost back on April 5 and I just was planning on downloading the install software but noticed that only Intel Macs running 10.4 or higher is supported. Since I’m running a PowerBook G4 with 10.3 I’ll have to install it on my Vista machine.

I’ll try to check it out later this week. When I do, I’ll post a review or, at least, my initial thoughts.

Update (4/11/2007) Well, I just tried to install it on my Vista Ultimate machine and I keep getting a “Joost stopped working” error message…ugh, what a pain in the ass.  I checked their forums and, with the latest version (0.9.2), some people are reporting issues with Vista while others aren’t.  The real annoyance is that I can’t post in the forums because the only way to create a Joost user account is via the client application.  Since I can’t launch the app, I can’t create an account.

I sent an email to their support email addy so, hopefully, they’ll help me resolve it soon.  Until then, no beta invites for me to give away. 😦


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21 Responses

  1. Freddy Vaca says:

    Hi i was wondering if you could invite me, so i can tested and write an article for my collegue newspaper.

  2. MaestroWeb says:

    Yeah, i wouldnt mind an invite neither…

    I really would appreciate it..


  3. Matt says:

    Any more invites left? I’d really appreciate it.

  4. Ankur says:

    Hey buddy ne invites left if yes then plz send me 1 am searching for invite from more then a mnoth now

  5. cahim says:

    Can you send me one too, please?
    I’m really looking forward to it.

    dczarnota@gmail.com (dczarnotaATgmailDOTcom)


  6. koolio says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have a couple of people that have asked me for an invite right when I signed up with Joost. So, I’ll have to take care of them, first.

    If I have any left, I’ll hook you guys up!

  7. Mike says:

    If you do have any left over i’d love an invite.

    Thanks, mdeich44@yahoo.com


  8. koolio says:

    Mike, I’ll shoot you one if I have any left…but first I need to figure out why it crashes on my Vista machine. Currently, I don’t have the time to do it. 😦

  9. Jigsaw hc says:

    Were you ever able to get Joost running? I’m really enjoying it myself.

  10. koolio says:

    Jigsaw, I haven’t tried again since the first night I installed it. I emailed Joost support but haven’t heard back from them. I did try uninstalling and reinstalling it but to no avail.

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it – makes me wan to get it working on my machine! Speaking of, are you running Joost on Vista?

    Frankly, I’m somewhat turned off that I can’t create an account on their forums – the only way to create an account is via their software.

    Btw, just checked out your blog and noticed you have links to AGE, etc. – nice! I’m a member of http://www.SeasonedGamers.com and I’ve played with some of the AGE/AVS Forum guys in Gears of War. Good group of guys.

  11. Scott Nguyen says:

    I’ve heard they are allowing unlimited invites. Would greatly appreciate an invite if you get a chance!


  12. Sokol says:

    I too would love a Joost beta invite. It’s my understanding that an unlimited invites can now be issued, so It’d be great to get one 😉


  13. koolio says:

    If I could get Joost to start-up, I’d be sending some of you guys some invites but Joost never replied to my support email…and, frankly, I don’t have the time to troubleshoot the issue…so, I’ll just wait until the next version is released.

    Scott Nguyen – yeah, they’re supposed to be launching soon or having an ‘expanded beta’ where people won’t need invites to sign up.

  14. Manuel Garcia says:

    I really apreciate an invitation garcia.manu@gmail.com

  15. Alexandre says:

    Please send me an invite to Joost!

  16. amreason says:

    hey. i can help with the joost problem, and would love an invite. Just right click on the loader and hit properties, then go to the compatibility tab(vista), then check run as administrator.

  17. amreason says:


    If i helped and you still have invites.

  18. koolio says:


    I’ll give that a try but it may not be anytime soon as I have zero desire to boot up my Vista PC…if I get it working, I’ll shoot you an invite.

  19. aman says:

    can you send me joost invitation for download please

  20. koolio says:

    Aman, sorry, I was never able to get Joost working – it kept crashing and they never responded to my help request. Besides, I stopped using my Vista PC.

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