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Get live doppler radar maps on your iPhone

iweathr.jpgMacenstein found a great website for iPhones that allows you to view live doppler radar maps from Weather.com. Very sweet. The site: iWeathr.com (there’s no “e”)…but don’t bother trying to view the site unless if you have an iPhone because the site is designed only for iPhones.

After you choose a city, iWeathr loads the latest doppler radar maps from Weather.com and plays those images in a loop (just like Weather.com does).

I accessed the site via EDGE and it can take 20 – 60 seconds for the maps to load but it’s worth it. So, if you have an iPhone, give it a try!


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3 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Seems to work. The radar maps are not from Weather.com. They are from NOAA and load in a couple of seconds. Still looking for other sites with radar loops. Can’t get the loops to work going to wunderground or directly to NOAA

  2. koolio says:

    Yeah, they changed it from Weather.com to NOAA a little while ago.

    The only thing I’ve seen that has animated radar maps is the “Who’s Hot” iPhone application.

  3. hambone says:

    all it does when I visit the site is tell me page not found and redirects me back to the list of locations? I am using wifi to view.

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