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How to get your iPhone $100 rebate

iphone-credit.jpgFor those of you who purchased an iPhone (like me) before August 22, here’s how to get your $100 Apple store credit:

  1. Go to the Apple iPhone Store Credit request page
  2. Enter your mobile number and your iPhone serial number
  3. Within 5 minutes, you’ll receive an SMS message with a store credit access code
  4. Enter the access code on the store credit request page and you’ll get a printable store credit coupon

There were rumors that the early, early adopters (i.e., those of us who purchased before August 22) weren’t eligible for a store credit but I can confirm that I received it. And, I purchased my iPhone 2 days after it was released (July 2?).

Now, go get your $100 credit!

EDIT:  Forgot to mention that the deadline to submit your claim is November 30, 2007.


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3 Responses

  1. There is an article on the boston.com website with many of the details regarding the credit. Such as it’s only available in the U.S., cannot be used inside the iTunes store or for Apple store gift cards, and others. Here is a link to the article:

  2. they mentioned too a deadline… The deadline for people who purchased iPhones between Aug. 22 and Sept. 4 to submit refund claims is Sept. 19.

  3. koolio says:

    That’s right – I forgot to mention the deadline. Plus, if your iPhone was purchased before August 22, then the deadline is November 30.

    And, the limitations of the credit is pretty crappy since they clearly want you to buy hardware or software with it but I’ll take what I can get!

    Thanks TYT!

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