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Rumor: Reason why MacBook Pro updates have been delayed?

Here are two interesting posts from someone named “Tailpipe” on the AppleInsider forums (post 1, post 2).

Take it for what it’s worth: a dude posting in a forum for Apple rumors.  😉

Posted Feb 13, 2008:

Why the all new MacBook Pro has been delayed

The all new MacBook Pro was meant to make its debut at MacWorld in January.

The big story was meant to be that while 2007 was all about the iPhone, 2008 would see Apple return to its roots: computers.

Steve Jobs had planned to reveal a brand new 17″ MacBook Pro, a brand new 15″ MacBook Pro, (and, if my source is correct, there was even meant to be a brand new 13″ model, but it isn’t clear whether this was MacBook Pro or MacBook – but it is definitely aluminium). Having introduced these machines, the “…and just one more little thing.” was meant to be the MacBook Air.

All of these machines feature the gesture touchpad, new keyboard, LED screens and super-sleek thinner case designs, longer battery life, lower weight than the existing line-up and 802.11n WiFi capabilities.

What screwed up the launch was the manufacturing problem Intel is having with Penryn processors using the new 45Nm process. THEY STILL HAVEN’T YET SHIPPED IN VOLUME.

Given that Leopard 10.5.2 wasn’t ready either, the decision to pull the launch was made as a delay between announcement and launch would have killed Mac sales. As things stand, Apple will not launch any revised laptops until Penryn is up and running. That is expected to happen later this week or next week.

For these reasons, Apple is holding a special event in February which will include the iPhone SDK but no 3G iPhone yet.

Apparently, the decision to pull the launch of the revised range was only taken just before the MacWorld Conference and SJ was not amused. Fortunately, the MacBook Air uses a unique processor that was ready in time so this was unaffected by the penryn problem.

So, be patient, friends, new MBPs are coming. The delay isn’t Apple’s fault.

By all accounts, we’ll all be delighted when these machines show-up. They’ll be worth their WAIT in Gold.

He also made another post on Feb. 1:

Definitive update on new MacBook Pro

This info comes to you from London via an Englishman working at Apple, (and there are more than you think ;-))

A revised MacBook Pro with a Leopard 10.5.2 update was meant to debut at MacWorld but neither was ready.

The delay for the MBP was caused by Intel Penryn processors not being available due to some production glitch. As we all know, Apple doesn’t like to announce products too far ahead of their shipping dates – with the notable exception of the iPhone – so decided to delay the launch. Penryn-based PCs now good to go and begin shipping Monday.

Expect new MBP 15-inch and 17-inch within two weeks. 17-inch gets LED.

New MBP DOES feature a slightly revised case design with the new black keyboard from MBA and a larger trackpad, but is basically very similar to existing design. Think evolution not revolution.

The idea is to achieve a commonality of look across the range.

SSD will be an option offering an exceptionally fast boot time < 30 seconds.

Also seen lurking in the corridors of Cupertino was an aluminum MacBook 13″. Initially available in silver, my source reckons annodised black, blue, pink and other colours will be available around September. New MacBooks will be a big story later this year. One of the range (I don’t know which, maybe the black one) will have a superior spec that basically makes it a MacBook Pro 13″.

Well, I hope he’s right and that we see the new MBPs on Feb. 26th…it’ll be fun to see how accurate he is when they are finally released.


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