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Need to sync files across multiple computers? Here’s your solution

dropbox-logo.gifI just came across Dropbox, which is an online service that automatically syncs your files across multiple computers (Windows & Mac). This is EXACTLY what I and several other people that I know need! The thing that really peaks my interest is that there will be a sync client for Mac OS X and Windows that will auto-synchronize all files in the targeted folders. In addition, you can access the files via their website. To top it off, Dropbox also keeps version history so you can rollback to a previous version.

Anyways, Dropbox hasn’t launched, yet, but they do have a nice screen cast on their site so you can see it in action.

I’m pretty excited to see how well their service works because I’ve tried to synchronize files across two Macs with .Mac and it’s flaky, at best. I also wonder how much the service will cost – if anything.

Update: GigaOM has a great write-up on Dropbox…and it looks like the beta started today.


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3 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    Another app you might want to check out is Foldershare.They have clients for both PC & Mac. Works well w/ multiple computers, only limitations I’ve run into are 2GB file size & 10k file limit per ‘share’.


  2. Steve says:

    I agree with Josh, Foldershare works very well. I’ll be interested to see what additional features Dropbox has to offer…maybe it can be used for large files

  3. koolio says:

    I’ll have to check out Foldershare – thanks, guys.

    There’s also been a lot of talk (and positive reviews) of SugarSync. One interesting feature they offer is syncing with your mobile phone. They also have an iPhone-compatible site, to boot.


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