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Apple Store Coming to Boston (Back Bay)

apple-store-boston.jpgLooks like Massachusetts will be getting a sixth Apple Store – this time, right in the heart of Boston. It’s slated to replace the Copy Cop building on Boylston St., which is right across the street from the Hynes Convention Center. Apple is buying the Copy Cop building, will knock it down, and replace it with a glass-covered building (similar to the one in Manhattan).

I remember about a year ago there were discussions about Apple erecting a glass-covered building and some people affiliated with the city (I think it was the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay) objected to such a ‘modern design’ given Boston’s historical buildings. This time around, it seems like people are more open to the ‘modern design.’

Personally, I think Boston needs some more modern looking buildings and having an Apple Store lead the way would be great.


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Boston Seaport Hotel adds touchscreen computers to rooms

Planning a visit to Boston? Interested in gadgets? Then book a room at the Boston Seaport Hotel because they’re adding touchscreen computers (named Seaportal – yeah, pretty lame) to some of their hotel rooms. Currently, they have 25 rooms outfitted with the Seaportal and plan to have 100 rooms with it by the end of 2007. Specifically,

“The computer and installed services, called Seaportal, will consist of a freestanding, flat-panel computer monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard (exact specs not provided).”

The only issue with this hotel is it’s location – it’s not in the middle of Boston but a great place if you’re attending a convention/event at the World Trade Center (Google Map).

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