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MacBook Pro updates coming soon

Pretty much all of the Apple rumor sites are reporting that we should see an updated MacBook Pro with Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset and the 15″ version getting an LED backlit display. Rumors are claiming that we should see these updates by WWDC in June, at the latest.

This update should add a faster front-side bus (800Mhz) and new Core 2 Duo mobile processors that run up to 2.4Ghz.

Looks like those earlier rumors are coming true. 🙂

As you know, I’ve been waiting for the LED backlit 15″ MacBook Pro with Santa Rosa but it looks like I won’t be buying one this year since I just splurged on my Ducati 749 motorcycle. Unless…someone wants to “donate” one to me! 😉

[via AppleInsider & Think Secret]


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MacBook Pro Getting LED-lit Displays?

Think Secret is posting some more deets on the rumor that the 15″ MacBook Pro will get an LED-lit display in Q2, 2007. Compared to the cold cathode flourescent backlights (CCFL) in most LCDs, the LED-lit ones consume less power (yielding improved battery life), maintain its brightness over time, and provide more vivid colors. They also believe the 13″ MacBook, 17″ MacBook Pro, iMac, and Cinema Displays will eventually be LED-lit in the future.

By the way, Apple Insider also reported rumors of LED-lit displays back on January 22.

I’m waiting for Leopard and a 15″ LED-lit MacBook Pro so here’s to hoping Apple will make this announcement during their rumored February event!

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