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Hiking the Grand Canyon in June ’09

For those of you who are interested, I will be hiking through the Grand Canyon this June with my girlfriend, my buddy and his wife.  The four of us will be hiking from the North Rim –> South Rim –> North Rim.  Some people refer to this as the rim-to-rim-to-rim hike.

This will be my second time hiking through the Grand Canyon and I can’t wait.  I’m planning on writing another post about what you need to do in order to hike through the Grand Canyon – e.g, logistics of getting a backcountry permit, time of year to go, gear, etc.  So, if you’re interested in this info, leave a comment along with any questions you may have!


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Bargain: Arc’Teryx Bora 65 Backpack for $252

arcteryx-bora-65.jpgI’ve been helping my girlfriend look for good deals on camping gear (we’re doing a rim-to-rim hike through the Grand Canyon in May) and we came across this phenomenal deal on Arc’Teryx Bora backpacks at a local outdoor store (Hilton’s Tent City). So, if you’re shopping for a Bora backpack, look no further and head over to their website or, if you’re in Boston, stop by their store (272 Friend St., Boston) to buy this pack. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50.

I have personally bought a few things from Hilton’s Tent City and wholeheartedly recommend them. Every item I’ve looked at is at least 10% below MSRP. Yes, some online or brick and mortar stores may sell an item for less but it’s usually during ‘end of season’ or ‘garage’ sales. At Hilton’s Tent City, their prices are always below MSRP and, when they have a sale, the prices are much lower than MSRP (like these ArcTeryx packs).

Here are their prices vs. MSRP:

  • Bora 50: $171.50 / $245
  • Bora 62 (women’s): $252 / $350
  • Bora 65: $252 / $350
  • Bora 75 (women’s): $267 / $375
  • Bora 80: $267 / $375
  • Bora 95: $305 / $435

Note: I have no affiliation with Hilton’s Tent City…just a happy customer! 😀

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