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MacBook Pro inventory low at Apple Stores?

FWIW, I was at one of my local Apple Stores today and asked them if they had any of the $2,500 version of the 15″ MacBook Pros in-stock.Β  The answer: no.Β  Hmm….could the updates be coming this Tuesday or next Tuesday (Feb. 26)??Β  Man, I hope so!

Post a comment if your local Apple Store is also out of stock.


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Rumor: Reason why MacBook Pro updates have been delayed?

Here are two interesting posts from someone named “Tailpipe” on the AppleInsider forums (post 1, post 2).

Take it for what it’s worth: a dude posting in a forum for Apple rumors.Β  πŸ˜‰

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MacBook Pro updates coming soon?

According to MacRumors, there is some talk of updates coming soon to the MBP…man, I REALLY hope this is true and that these updates happen within the next 2-4 weeks. I know, I know…I’m wishfully hoping it’ll be soon but one can hope, right?

Here’s the quote from this posting at MacRumors.com:

In looking back at the sources of the most accurate rumors, we also find enticing reports of items that didn’t come true at Macworld, but did come from credible sources.

The MacBook Pro updates are certainly coming — and soon. Even without our rumor sources, the MacBook Pros are simply due for refresh. But the most interesting tidbit is that there have been reliable reports that the Pro machines will incorporate Apple’s new multi-touch trackpad.

Also, here are a couple of the posts I’ve seen on MacRumors’ forums:

  • Someone is seeing discounts being offered on the MBP at their university store and that they only do this when an update/upgrade is ~2 weeks away
  • Some people are seeing discounts on MBPs at various retail stores
  • One person claiming that he works for a printing company that prints all of Apple’s brochures, boxes, and banners – he claims that the updates are coming very soon

As always with Apple, these are just rumors and people’s wild guesses but time will tell…but it’s killing me since I’ve been waiting to buy a MBP since August 2007!

EDIT: AppleInsider just reported some more details on the soon-to-be-released updated MBP. The gist of it: the MBP was supposed to be updated and announced at MacWorld but execs decided to delay it by several weeks because they needed the resources to focus on the MacBook Air.

EDIT (January 27, 2008): More rumors of the imminent MBP update.

EDIT (Jan 30, 2008): And some actual evidence(?) that the updates are coming.

EDIT (Feb 27, 2008): Finally!

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MacBook Pro processor upgrade in January 2008?

This is a pretty old tidbit but I thought I’d post it anyway since a few friends didn’t know about this rumored update. The processors will be upgraded to Intel’s new Penryn processor. Here are the details of the new Intel Penryn processors. There aren’t any rumors as to which ones Apple will use in the MacBook Pros but my guess will be the 2.4Ghz and 2.6Ghz processors.

The size of the Penryn chips will also be reduced from 65 nanometers (nm) –> 45nm, which should allow the chips to run a bit cooler.

For reference, the current MacBook Pros come with either 2.2Ghz or 2.4Ghz processors.


FYI, the price reflects the purchase price in 1,000-unit trays from Intel so it’s not the price we would pay. πŸ˜‰

So, if you’ve been thinking about buying a MacBook Pro, I’d recommend waiting another 3 months…that’s what I’m doing.

EDIT (January 16, 2008): Well, Steve Jobs did NOT announce any updates to the MBP during yesterday’s MacWorld keynote. Needless to say, I’m extremely bummed b/c I’ve been waiting for 6+ months to upgrade my Powerbook G4. There are rumors that Intel is having/had an issue with the thermal sensor on the Penryn chips and that supply will be tight through February. If this is true, we prolly won’t get updated MBPs until March/April. I’m hoping when the MBP is updated with Penryn we’ll also get the multi-touch trackpad and the revised keyboard layout/design like the MacBook Air.

EDIT (Jan 28, 2008): More rumors that the upgrade will happen within the next 1 – 4 weeks.

EDIT (Jan 30, 2008): Some actual evidence of the new MBP?

EDIT (Feb 27, 2008): Finally!

[via AppleInsider & Engadget]

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MacBook Pro updates coming soon

Pretty much all of the Apple rumor sites are reporting that we should see an updated MacBook Pro with Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset and the 15″ version getting an LED backlit display. Rumors are claiming that we should see these updates by WWDC in June, at the latest.

This update should add a faster front-side bus (800Mhz) and new Core 2 Duo mobile processors that run up to 2.4Ghz.

Looks like those earlier rumors are coming true. πŸ™‚

As you know, I’ve been waiting for the LED backlit 15″ MacBook Pro with Santa Rosa but it looks like I won’t be buying one this year since I just splurged on my Ducati 749 motorcycle. Unless…someone wants to “donate” one to me! πŸ˜‰

[via AppleInsider & Think Secret]

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Windows Mobile 6 for T-Mobile Dash coming on May 4?

wm6_tmobile.jpgRumors have been circulating that T-Mobile will be releasing a Windows Mobile 6 Standard ROM upgrade for T-Mobile Dash owners on May 4.

If it does drop next week, I would caution that you make sure all of your 3rd party apps are compatible with WM6 before upgrading.

[via Smartphone Thoughts]

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Apple may offer $50 – $150 rebate for the iPhone

A Wall St. research report an Apple from American Technology analyst, Shaw Wu, says there are several sources indicating that Apple is seriously considering offering a rebate on the iPhone, which will retail for $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB). Of course, if you want to take advantage of the rebate, you’ll have to sign a 2-year contract with AT&T.

Some other interesting topics in the report:

  • Revenue sharing and bounties for Apple
  • Recurring revenue from cell phone carriers

Personally, I hope they offer a rebate because $500/$600 is tough to swallow.

[via AppleInsider]

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New Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processors coming soon

Intel will be releasing an update to the Core 2 Duo mobile processor platform sometime this quarter (Q2). Rumors are saying May 8 is the date. The next set of Core 2 Duo mobile processors are:

  • T7700 (Core 2 Duo – 2.4Ghz)
  • T7500 (Core 2 Duo – 2.2Ghz)
  • T7300 (Core 2 Duo – 2.0Ghz)
  • T7100 (Core 2 Duo – 1.8Ghz)

Instead of the current ‘Merom’ platform, these processors will be using the ‘Santa Rosa’ platform, which has:

  • 800MHz front side bus (the current Merom platform tops out at 667MHz FSB)
  • 64-bit support (same as Merom)
  • 4MB L2 cache (same as Merom)
  • GM965/PM965 chipsets (Crestline for improved graphics)
  • 82566MM Gigabit Network chip
  • 4965AGN wireless chip (Kedron) with 802.11n support
  • Wi-Max and HSPDA integration (rumored)

All of the above isn’t ‘new’ news but something to consider if you’re in the market for a new laptop. For example, there are rumors that Dell will be using one of these new Core 2 Duo processors and Santa Rosa on their Latitude D630/830 at the end of April/early May.

So, the real question is: when will the computer companies update their laptops to use these new processors and platform? In my case and, more importantly, when will Apple update the MacBook Pro? I’ve been waiting for 4 months to replace my PowerBook G4 with a MacBook Pro and my patience is wearing thin…

[the following articles were referenced for this post: Wikipedia, The Inquirer, Notebookreview.com]

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iPhone to be released on June 11?

Word from a CNet blog is that a Cingular/AT&T customer support rep said the iPhone will be released on June 11, which coincides with Apple’s WWDC from June 11 – 15. This could be a bunch of b.s. since most of those CSRs don’t know jack.

All this said, I’m guessing Apple will formally announce it at the WWDC…and, hopefully, along with an update to the MacBook Pro.

[via MacRumors]

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Apple TV to get DVR features via Miglia?

Eddie Hargreaves (The Apple Blog) witnessed something interesting at MacWorld:

While I was at Miglia’s booth checking out their products and talking to their representatives, I saw a Miglia executive approached by a lady who identified herself as being with Apple. She said she was there to introduce him to someone else at Apple who was her European counterpart. Sure enough, another gentleman made his way through the exhibit hall crowd and they all left the booth to go have a meeting together.

This encounter, along with the removal of all Miglia products from the online Apple store, is what leads Eddie Hargreaves to infer that Apple may be working with Miglia (pronounced “Mee-Lee-Ah”) to bring HD DVR capabilities to the Apple TV. This could just be a wild guess by The Apple Blog but I’m confident that Apple will add DVR capabilties to the Apple TV sometime within the next year. More specifically, I believe Apple will add HD content to iTunes by June/July 2007 then add DVR to the Apple TV sometime within the next year.

Apple wants their products to be the hub of your digital life and the Apple TV with DVR capabilities is a big part of that vision.

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Shipments of Apple TV have begun!


This past Monday, people on Apple’s discussion forum noticed their credit cards have been charged for their Apple TV pre-orders and have been speculating that it will be shipped before March 20. Usually, a company charges your credit card when your item has shipped or is about to be shipped (I believe this is by law?). Well, g-Whiz has received confirmation from an Apple Store sales rep stating that the Apple TV is ready for shipping – sweet!

Maybe we’ll get it one week early?? πŸ™‚

Update (3/14/2007) Post has been updated since gwhiz showed me where the “chat now” feature is on Apple’s website.

Update 2 (3/16/2007) Just checked my order status and it’s still “not yet shipped” so it looks like mine will ship on March 20.

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iPod Being Updated with Cover Flow?

Gizmodo is reporting that the iPod will get a firmware update that will add Cover Flow. Not sure what Cover Flow is? Watch this YouTube video to see it in action. It looks very sweet.

I have to say, the iPhone interface and Cover Flow (to a certain extent) reminds me of the movie Minority Report – remember that scene where Tom Cruise is wearing a pair of gloves and uses a computer simply by moving his hands in the air? He virtually grabs a screen and pulls it in front of him and when he’s done with that he tosses it aside? I remember watching that and thinking how cool it would be if we could use computers in the same way…anyways, here’s the video:

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Apple TV Arriving in Apple Stores on March 5th?

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is reporting that the Apple TV will be on display at your nearest Apple Store on March 5th, which coincides with the delivery estimate for my Apple TV (March 6). Supposedly, they will be hooked up to Sony Bravia LCD HDTVs.

I’ll be curious to see how much interest there is at the Apple Stores and how well they sell.

Update (2/27/2007) The release date has been delayed to mid-March but the Apple Stores are still expecting to have in-store display units on March 5.

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3G iPhone in early 2008?

AppleInsider is reporting rumors that a 3G-capable iPhone will be released in January 2008 per a Swedish company. So, if this rumor is true, then European folks will see a 3G iPhone next year. As for those of us in the U.S., the question is: will Apple release the 3G in the States at the same time? Who knows…Steve Jobs has publicly mentioned long-term 3G plans (see last paragraph) so, at least, we know there will be a 3G iPhone in the U.S….at some point in time.

Personally, I don’t think we’ll see a 3G iPhone in the States until around June 2008. Releasing an updated iPhone 6-7 months after the initial introduction is a tad too quick. Apple will want the Gen 1 iPhone to be on the market for at least 1 year.

I know, I know…it’s surprising we’re already hearing rumors about the next iPhone before the first one is even released…welcome to the world of Apple rumors. πŸ˜‰

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Details on (potential) iPhone and Monthly Rate Plan Pricing


This is a leaked Cingular iPhone ad (click image to see the full version) that lists some potential pricepoints for the iPhone as well as the potential costs for the iPhone rate plan. I got the info from Appleiphonereview.com and Engadget and have a summary below:

  • Price w/2-year contract: $299 (4GB) and $399 (8GB) vs. $499 & $599 w/o contract
  • Monthly Rate Plan options:
    • Voice: $39.99 for 450 minutes, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, and 5,000 night/weekend minutes
    • Data: $4.99/mo for 200 text messages or $19.99/mo for 200 text messages and unlimited Internet & Visual Voicemail.

If these prices hold true, it will make it a lot easier for people to buy the iPhone and switch to Cingular.

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More Rumors for a March Release of Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

There are some more rumors that OS X 10.5 (Leopard) will be released at the end of March. I’ve come across a few sources reporting this same rumor.

With the release of Windows Vista, there’s going to be a lot more focus on what Leopard brings to the table and how it stacks up against Vista. Yes, we all agree that Vista “leveraged” a lot of features from Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) but I think Leopard will need to bring some more innovative features (other than the ones already revealed) to keep feeding the ‘pro-Apple’ momentum. Let’s hope those ‘top-secret’ features, that Steve Jobs mentioned, are killer-features.

Update (2/28/2007) I must say, my gut is telling me that Leopard will NOT be released in March but more likely in June.Β  There really isn’t a benefit for Apple to release Leopard earlier and, I believe, Apple will want to coincide the release of Leopard with some updated hardware (like those rumored MacBook Pros) to garner some more hardware sales.

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Wireless iPod Charging Coming Soon?

One of Apple’s patent filings has been released by the US Patent and Trademark Office; it’s about a docking station that would allow a device (iPod/iPhone?) to be docked in multiple ways and, more interestingly, allow for wireless charging. The wireless charging reminds me of how a Sonicare toothbrush is charged: there’s a cradle and all I have to do is seat the Sonicare in it to have it charged – there are no exposed metal contacts.

Of course, just because a patent has been filed doesn’t mean Apple will actually bring this product to market. But, if it does, this is one-step closer to my ideal Apple scenario where I have an Apple docking station sitting on my nightstand that allows me to charge and wirelessly sync my iPod/iPhone.

AppleInsider has more deets on the patent filing along with some diagrams.

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15.4″ MacBooks in Q2 2007?

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple will release a 15.4″ MacBook in the second quarter of 2007:

“Apple is planning to introduce 15.4-inch MacBooks in the second quarter of 2007, according to industry sources in Taiwan. The new model will fill the gap between the company’s 13.3-inch MacBooks and the 15.4- and 17-inch MacBook Pros that form its current notebook line up, and is expected to boost shipments of Apple’s Intel-powered MacBooks, the sources add.

Prices for the 15.4-inch MacBook models are likely to be more competitive than their 13.3-inch counterparts, due largely to the relatively lower cost of 15.4-inch LCD panels, and will therefore help push further sales of MacBooks,” the publication said.”

I’m going to call b.s. on this one for two reasons: 1.) According to MacRumors and AppleInsider, DigiTimes has not been very accurate with previous rumors, and 2.) A 15.4″ MacBook would cannibalize sales of the 15.4″ MacBook Pro, which I’m sure is more profitable than the MacBook. Honestly, there isn’t a huge difference between the specs of a 13″ MacBook vs. 15″ MacBook Pro (assuming, your needs are just web surfing, email, and digital photo management) so adding a 15.4″ MacBook would create some overlap between the two products.

If Apple were to do this, the only reason I could think of is to attract more ‘switchers.’ For example, I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who would switch to the Mac but want a 15″ screen and will not pony-up $2,000 for a MacBook Pro. A friend of mine was in a similar situation last year – he wanted a 15″ screen but didn’t want to drop an extra $700 to get a 15″ MacBook Pro. He still bought the 13″ MacBook but I’m sure he would’ve spent an extra $200 to get a 15″ MacBook.

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Windows Mobile 6 for T-Mobile Dash

T-Mobile DashPocketnow is reporting that, in the next few months, T-Mobile will offer T-Mobile Dash owners the option to upgrade from Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition to Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition (the new name for WM Smartphone).

This would be a very nice benny. Hopefully, this is true and the cost to upgrade will be none to minimal.

Btw, Pocketnow also has a review of Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition with a handful of comparison screenshots between the two. Their conclusion: WM6 is just a refresh that makes the user interface look a lot more polished. However, I noticed there is one new feature: Outlook mobile now supports HTML email.

Update: (2/16/2007) Gizmodo is hearing that T-Mobile will allow existing subscribers to upgrade to WM6 for free. Still no exact date but they think it will be within the next few months.

Update: (4/26/2007) Rumors are circulating that T-Mo will release the upgrade on May 4th.

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iPhone Launch Date Confirmed?

Some signs are pointing to an iPhone launch at the WWDC on June 15, 2007. First, there’s the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) that has been confirmed from June 11 – 15. Then, there’s the letter Apple submitted to the FCC (back on October 12, 2006) asking them to keep several iPhone-related documents confidential until June 15, 2007.

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has announced or released a new product during the WWDC.

Update: (2/8/2007) Looks like the letter to the FCC was a hoax.

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