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Get a $50 iTunes gift card for $45

iTunes Gift Card Image_smallI was at my local Costco the other weekend and noticed that they sell $50 iTunes gift cards for $44.99. Getting a 10% discount on these gift cards ain’t a bad deal.

This would be perfect for a friend/relative/someone special that loves buying stuff from the iTunes Music Store.


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iTunes 7.1 can sync up to 5 Apple TVs

itunes-cover-flow.jpgiTunes 7.1 was released yesterday and iLounge has found that you can sync up to a maximum of 5 Apple TVs. In addition, iTunes 7.1 now supports full-screen Cover Flow and there are also categorization options for TV shows and movies in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the U.K. – hinting that residents in these countries will be able to buy TV shows and movies.

Click through to iLounge if you want all of the deets on what iTunes 7.1 brings to the table (they have a bunch of nice screenshots, to boot).

Btw, Vista still isn’t officially supported.

Update (3/6/2007) Btw, it appears there is a possibility that you may be able to play some of those iPod games on the Apple TV. In the same iLounge article, they found some text strings stating “All existing games on the Apple TV (name) will be replaced with games from this iTunes library.” If the Apple TV will support games – great – but I have zero desire to play Tetris, Pac-Man, etc. in my living room.

Update #2 (3/6/2007) According to Gizmodo, iTunes 7.1 is compatible with Vista but Apple doesn’t list it as a supported OS. Apple’s site specifically says, “Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or later or Windows XP.”

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iPod Being Updated with Cover Flow?

Gizmodo is reporting that the iPod will get a firmware update that will add Cover Flow. Not sure what Cover Flow is? Watch this YouTube video to see it in action. It looks very sweet.

I have to say, the iPhone interface and Cover Flow (to a certain extent) reminds me of the movie Minority Report – remember that scene where Tom Cruise is wearing a pair of gloves and uses a computer simply by moving his hands in the air? He virtually grabs a screen and pulls it in front of him and when he’s done with that he tosses it aside? I remember watching that and thinking how cool it would be if we could use computers in the same way…anyways, here’s the video:

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Wireless iPod Charging Coming Soon?

One of Apple’s patent filings has been released by the US Patent and Trademark Office; it’s about a docking station that would allow a device (iPod/iPhone?) to be docked in multiple ways and, more interestingly, allow for wireless charging. The wireless charging reminds me of how a Sonicare toothbrush is charged: there’s a cradle and all I have to do is seat the Sonicare in it to have it charged – there are no exposed metal contacts.

Of course, just because a patent has been filed doesn’t mean Apple will actually bring this product to market. But, if it does, this is one-step closer to my ideal Apple scenario where I have an Apple docking station sitting on my nightstand that allows me to charge and wirelessly sync my iPod/iPhone.

AppleInsider has more deets on the patent filing along with some diagrams.

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Can Apple be successful in our living/media rooms?

In a nutshell, yes. But, I think it’ll take another 1 to 1.5 years. Why? Because the Apple TV only meets part of our needs as an entertainment device/media extender. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great first generation product (and, apparently, is selling very well) but it leaves a lot to be desired.

If Apple makes the following scenario a reality, then I think Apple will dominate our living rooms and sell more Macs but Apple will need to introduce the following products:

  1. The next gen Apple TV (let’s call it AppleTV 2.0)
  2. Standalone iPod/iPhone docking stations that will wirelessly sync to iTunes/Apple TV and charge the device
  3. DVR software for the Apple TV that can record HD content
  4. Updated synchronization software to sync the content between a Mac, iPod/iPhone, and Apple TV.

Synchronization & Content Portability

I come home from work, wake-up my Mac and connect my iPod and/or iPhone (or dock it in a standalone docking station). Upon doing so,
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