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How to get Sonos Desktop to work with OS X Lion

Do you have a Sonos and recently upgraded to Mac OS X Lion?  And, if your iTunes music library is stored on your Lion-based Mac, you can’t play your music, right?

I was in the same situation and here’s how I fixed it: I shared my iTunes Music folder by going to System Preferences –> Sharing.

Once I did that, everything worked.

Hope this works for you, too!


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Get a $50 iTunes gift card for $45

iTunes Gift Card Image_smallI was at my local Costco the other weekend and noticed that they sell $50 iTunes gift cards for $44.99. Getting a 10% discount on these gift cards ain’t a bad deal.

This would be perfect for a friend/relative/someone special that loves buying stuff from the iTunes Music Store.

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Deal: Get $60 worth of iTunes gift cards for $45

itunes-free-gift-card.jpgBest Buy has a pretty sweet deal: buy 3 $15 iTunes gift cards and get 1 $15 gift card for free. This deal is valid through this Saturday, April 7.

BestBuy.com was offering this deal but ‘sold out’ so you’ll have to go to the brick and mortar store if you want to get this deal…I know I will. 🙂

Btw, this deal is also in this week’s flyer.

[via BensBargains.net]

Update (4/4/2007) Sweet – I just got 8 $15 gift cards for the price of 6 at my local Best Buy (Watertown, MA). The cashier told me that a lot of people have been taking advantage of this buy 3, get 1 free deal (there was still a lot of gift cards available). Also, there’s a sign near the gift cards that says it’s limited to one per customer but I was able to buy two but your mileage may vary.

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How do you determine the video quality of an iTunes TV show?

Does anybody know how to determine the video encoding quality for a given TV show or movie from the iTunes Store (before purchasing)? I’ve tried Get Info but it’s useless.

When the iTS first started selling videos, they encoded them in 320 x 240 (which is similar to the quality you’d get from VHS) but starting around September 2006 they started encoding them in 640 x 480 (which is near dvd quality).  I’ve been thinking about buying some older episodes of Battlestar Gallactica and I don’t want to get stuck with a 320 x 240 video file because they look like absolute shit on a 50″ plasma.

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Review: Apple TV

apple-tv-menu.jpg I got my Apple TV this past Thursday and have been using it the past two nights. Everything about it is Apple-esque: the user interface is gorgeous, setup was extremely easy, integration with iTunes was perfect, synchronizing and streaming content performed flawlessly, and watching shows, film trailers, iTunes previews, etc. worked perfectly.

Overall, it rocks! But, as with anything, there is always some room for improvement. Here are the details:

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