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Upgrading to NewsBreak 2.0? Backup your RSS channels

I just upgraded to NewsBreak 2.0 and everything went smoothly. However, backup your list of RSS channels before upgrading. Even though Ilium Software calls it an “upgrade,” it’s more like a reinstall because none of my settings were preserved and, at first, all of my RSS channels were gone. Here’s how I got them back:

  1. After the “upgrade,” I went to Menu –> Options –> Data Storage
  2. I checked the “store data & podcasts on card” checkbox
  3. Upon doing so, NewsBreak displayed a message stating there is already a list of channels on the storage card and asked if I wanted to overwrite those channels – I chose “no.”
  4. Then, all of my channels were back

Apparently, NewsBreak just needed to be pointed to the location of my RSS channels. Thankfully, it didn’t automatically overwrite the data on my storage card during the installation. Now, I’m not sure if NewsBreak would overwrite your channels if you had them stored on your device so backup your channels *before* you upgrade to v2.0. I received confirmation from Ilium Software that the reinstall will not overwrite your channels that are stored on the devic. But, I would still recommend backing up your channel list – just in case if the upgrade/reinstall fails.

So, when upgrading to NewsBreak 2.0, you need to do two things: backup your channel list and, after upgrading, reconfigure all of your settings under Menu –> Options.

The page where you download the 2.0 installation file contains instructions on how to install the upgrade but it doesn’t tell you how to get your RSS channels back. I’ve emailed this feedback to Ilium Software so, hopefully, they’ll add some verbiage to this page.

Update (3/19/2007) Post has been updated since Marc, from Ilium Software, has confirmed that the reinstall will not overwrite any RSS channels that are stored on your device. Thanks, Marc!


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A NetNewsWire 3.0 (pre-beta) video walk-through

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has a nice 3 – 5 minute video walk-through of the new features in the next version of NetNewsWire. After watching this video, I’m pretty fired up for version 3.0.

I’ve been using version 2.x since 2005 and it is the best RSS reader out there. Frankly, I can’t recommend it enough…if you’re a Mac user. Unfortunately, NetNewsWire is not available for Windows. NewsGator – the company that bought NetNewsWire last year – sells a Windows RSS reader named FeedDemon but it doesn’t even come close to NetNewsWire (the last time I used FeedDemon was back in July 2006 so it may have gotten better).

Anyways, here are some of the new features: (see Brent Simmons’ blog for the full list and descriptions)

  • Spotlight searching
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Tabs with thumbnails and animation
  • Feed ‘Cover Art’
  • Ability to choose a folder when subscribing to a feed

Btw, Brent Simmons is the creator of NetNewsWire. His company, Ranchero Software, was acquired by NewsGator in 2005.


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