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Toshiba HD-DVD player for $200

toshiba-hd-a2.jpgHave you been waiting for a cheap but good quality HD-DVD player? Well, your wait is now over. You can now buy Toshiba’s 2nd generation HD-DVD player (HD-A2) for $200 at Circuit City and, starting next week, at Wal-Mart and most likely Best Buy.

I was an early adopter and own the 1st gen Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player and love it. The picture and sound quality is amazing…assuming you have a calibrated HDTV and a good surround sound system.

FYI, the latest HD-DVD player is the HD-A3 and HD-A35 (3rd gen). You can check out the specs of the HD-A2 and the rest of the HD-DVD players on Toshiba’s site.

[via ArsTechnica]


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Denon Releasing New Receivers with HDMI 1.3

HomeTheaterBlog has some deets on Denon’s upcoming A/V receivers. The net of it:

  • They will be introducing 5 new models in 2 waves – July & September
  • Models released in July: AVR-4308ci ($2,499), AVR-3808ci ($1,599), and AVR-1508
  • Models released in September: AVR-1708 and AVR-2808
  • All of the models will support HDMI 1.3

For deets of the new features, click through to HomeTheaterBlog.

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