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Gadgets for lazy dog owners

Ok, these two products have got to be some of the worst inventions I have ever seen: (the latter being worse than the first)

First, there’s Pet Spa – company named Pet Spa USA in Miami, Florida sells a machine that washes your dog, cat, or practically any animal for you. What is it? It’s a big contraption that where you put your pet inside a ‘cabin’ and press a ‘wash’ button. Upon doing so, the machine cleans and rinses your pet. Apparently, there’s a self-service dog wash company in California named LaunderPet that have these machines. Now, I have a 3 year old English Chocolate Lab who loves water and swimming but, let me tell ya, she would NOT like this contraption. I think this YouTube video of a cat being washed says it all.

Second, there are treadmills for dogs. The Dog Walker treadmill and the Pawwws treadmill. Seriously, if people are too lazy to exercise their dog, then they should not own a dog! Hell, what would your friends think when they come over your house: “What’s that miniature treadmill for?” “Oh, that…that’s for my dog so I don’t have to exercise her…and so I can keep my fat butt on the couch.”


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