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Video: First look at the 1098R

Man, watching these videos and hearing the 1098 really makes me miss my bike…winter can’t end early enough!

My favorite part is how Michael Neeves (MCN reviewer/rider) is speechless for a second after he gets back into the pits.


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1st Ducati Desmocedici hits the UK

One word describes my reaction to watching and hearing this bike: incredible. Man, it’ d be nice to be able to spend $73,000 on a motorcycle.

[via TwistingAsphalt]

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Video of the Ducati Desmosedici RR…WOW!

For those of you who don’t know, Ducati is releasing a limited production replica of their MotoGP race bike – the Desmosedici RR.  Cost: $65,000 – $72,000 USD.  Michael Neeves of Motorcycle News (MCN) got to test ride it at the Misano racetrack.  In a nutshell, he said there’s power everywhere – from nothing all the way to 14,000 RPMs.

If only I were rich!

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iPhone Scratch Test Video

Thinking about getting an iPhone but are wondering how durable it is? Well, check out this video from PC World. They scratched the screen with a key, vigorously shaked it in a bag with a bunch of keys, and dropped it on concrete multiple times. The end result: no scratches. Just some scratches on the chrome strip around the screen.

The iPhone looks like it should be coddled like a newborn baby but Apple was smart and designed it to withstand real world usage.

Btw, iLounge has a nice review of the iPhone and speaks to their findings in regards to durability.

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iPod Being Updated with Cover Flow?

Gizmodo is reporting that the iPod will get a firmware update that will add Cover Flow. Not sure what Cover Flow is? Watch this YouTube video to see it in action. It looks very sweet.

I have to say, the iPhone interface and Cover Flow (to a certain extent) reminds me of the movie Minority Report – remember that scene where Tom Cruise is wearing a pair of gloves and uses a computer simply by moving his hands in the air? He virtually grabs a screen and pulls it in front of him and when he’s done with that he tosses it aside? I remember watching that and thinking how cool it would be if we could use computers in the same way…anyways, here’s the video:

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Another PC vs. Mac Commercial

Here’s another funny Apple commercial…actually, a lot funnier than the previous ‘Vista Allow or Deny’ one I posted. Enjoy!

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iPhone vs. Windows Mobile (a video comparison)

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) found a nice video comparing the iPhone’s features to a Windows Mobile smartphone (an XDA Orbit). The lowdown: Windows Mobile already does everything the iPhone can do BUT the iPhone does it better because of Apple’s emphasis on usability. Of course, your opinion may differ and only a hands-on test will confirm how usable the iPhone is but this video is pretty compelling.

Too lazy to click through? Here’s the video:

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Vista vs. Mac Commercial

This Apple commercial is pretty freakin’ funny – especially, if you’ve used Vista because there’s some truth to it. Here’s the skinny: in Vista, every time an application needs to access or write to the registry, a pop-up window is displayed asking if you will allow or deny the request (the goal is to provide better security). This can get annoying because you can’t configure Vista to always allow ABC application to read/write to the registry. Thus, every time ABC app attempts to do so, the ‘allow/deny’ window pops-up.

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